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Ask us about our birthday party packages! Please provide complete address and event date for accurate pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us about our birthday party packages! Please provide complete address and event date for accurate pricing.

Booking Questions

We have a team of professional drivers, and they can go nearly anywhere. As long as the street or parking location isn't a very sharp hill or turn, we can come. Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church, or parking lot, but you are responsible for getting permission to park there first. However, in Norfolk only, we already have approval from the city to park at Skyview Park, Ta-Ha-Zouka Park, or Johnsons Park. We need up to 50 feet of cleared space (relatively flat).

SQUAD UP is an upgrade for multiplayer VR and popular online games. VR tends to be one player for the most part, and then we have console TV games for multiplayer. This is what you are paying for with your standard package. However, with this new upgrade package, your guests can play online VR games/regular online games in which they can interact with various game genres, from exploration to adventure to competition games, based on their age. The VR games included in this SQUAD PACKAGE are Minecraft VR, BattleZone VR (Tank Game), WipeOut Omega (Futuristic Racing Game), and Star Wars Squadron VR. This package includes popular non-VR online games, including Fortnite, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty Warzone (for older kids), Rocket League, Multiversus, and Fall Guys. This upgrade is $50. It is an excellent add-on if your guests especially want to try multiplayer VR, as VR tends to be primarily a one-player experience. Often, kids ask to play these ONLINE multiplayer games, and we have to refuse without the upgrade because of the cost of additional equipment. So, if this is an experience you want for your guests, please let us know!

In the event of inclement weather, our team will work very closely with the customer before making a decision. If we feel it's unsafe to put our truck and trailer on the road, we will reschedule your event. These problems generally arise during winter, so please be aware that we can not go out until the roads are clear again if there is a storm during winter. We will do everything in our power to get you an event as close to the original date as possible if you still want to do the event.

You pay for services the day of the party or event. Private individuals can pay by card or cash. There is a $10 charge when using a credit card; upon completion of a party because merchant services take a % of the transaction. We do not accept checks from private individuals. Organizations, however, can pay by cash, check, or card.

Event Questions

We offer three types of events: an Entertainment VR Event, an Educational VR Event, or a Jesus VR Event. All of them get awesome multiplayer tv console games. The difference is what we put on for VR. Our Educational VR Event is great for schools, libraries, and museums. Students can learn something and have fun as well. Jesus VR is great for faith-based organizations. In Jesus VR, you experience his life as if you were there amongst Him. We, of course, can do, Entertainment Events for schools and churches as well. It also doesn’t matter if your event is small, like a birthday party, or large like a fair; we can accommodate with our awesome rotational system and give everyone an incredible experience!

We suggest that you tell your guest that the party starts an hour or half-hour before our arrival time; that way, they can all eat first and see the arrival of the gaming truck!

VR Game Truck Nebraska arrives at least 30-60 minutes before all scheduled events. This period allows our Game coach time to set up all equipment and do a test run if needed! If your event is large, we may arrive up to 2 hours before to ensure everything is perfect to handle such a large crowd.

General Questions

That's why we bring our Game Coach! They help the kids along, inspire and instruct. Their job is to make sure you have an unforgettable Party!

We have a general setup of family-friendly games, including VR, offline multiplayer tv games, and online games (if you get our SQUAD UP UPGRADE). If you would like a specific game, please let us know!

Our private packages are based on party size. We have 3 different packages. We have a 1-5 person package, a 1-10 person package, and an 11-24 person package. They all cost different prices. Our packages for schools, churches, and other organizations have different rates.

Indeed, if there is something you want, let us know. But, generally speaking, there is always something available that everyone will like because we carry a wide variety of VR games and experiences, as well as tv console games.

The game coach is there to keep your event running smoothly. They tutor, inspire and entertain. Tipping for exceptional service is a great idea but not required.

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